I love beneloo and sherlolly mirroring. This is my set 5 of mirroring pixset.
Thanks to the owners of the pix. I own nothing, I just put them together.

They are adorable!!!

xoxox Nuchamae
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I was having Beneloo feels all day today and had no idea why.

Am I psychic?

When it comes to these two?

Glad to know that he had a great day though!!

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So dumb, so stupid, so naive, so fucking delusional of me to expect something to happen between me and my crush.

I found out that my crush likes someone else. Guess what? She’s not me. And I just feel so crushed. He’s the only crush I actually thought I could have a chance with, to be in a relationship with, but now…

I’m thinking of telling someone about my crush on him, to finally let it go. I’m never going to tell him that I like him because what’s the point? He likes someone else already. If she, in fact, likes him back…

I just can’t anymore. I can’t believe this is the first crush I’ve invested so much of my feelings into, and only to be hit with the humiliating truth that I am nowhere near being his love interest.

I actually thought of hardening my heart now. I feel dumb, stupid, a second later, after this thought, because if I already thought about hardening my heart after a failed crush, how would I be when I break up with my boyfriend in the future? I am so scared for myself and my emotional reaction. I may be overreacting, but…

I’m hardening my heart. The one thing I realised about myself as I go through Life is that I have an extremely sensitive and fragile heart. One that I abuse so much by saying things like I’m worthless and lazy in my group project, unlovable to anyone because no one has told me they like me more than a friend, stupid, idiotic, and just way too fucking hopeful for something that will never come true. I actually cried when I read in the group chat about the implication that he likes someone, and I still have tears in my eyes now.

I’m letting him go. I need to keep to myself now, harden myself, build walls again. No one wants me, so I might as well make sure no one can harm me and my naive, childish emotions, and my delusions of a relationship, because I don’t believe I’ll be having one anytime soon.

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Just came over here on Tumblr for a moment to wish my favourite actor a happy 38th birthday! May Benedict Cumberbatch has his hopes and wishes come true, and may more job opportunities come his way because he deserves them! :’) Cumberbitch/Cumberbabe for life! ^-^

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Ugh. Someone get me out of the group project. All I want is to just attend classes and go to band later on. Sorry I’m being selfish, but I just can’t help but wish I’m doing my own things during break times and not always the damn group project. I can’t do said own things at home because I tend to reach home late after school due to the travel time and distance. Ugh, hate this feeling where all I want to do is just nothing ._.

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Walking home at the time of 10pm. Despite the many flaws Singapore have, mostly finance-related, the one thing I am extremely grateful for is that the streets and walkways are safe to walk through, even at night. Singapore can be said to be one of the safer countries to live in, and I hope it will never change. #singapore #night #thankful

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I just wanna be pushed against a wall and kissed really hard is that too much to ask

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just me ranting ._.

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for someone who’s 70% water you don’t look very refreshing


water cannot be burned


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Whenever your faith in people is lost, remember these pictures.

This needs more notes. 37k is not enough

this is a post that deserves to be broken. One day I would like nothing more than too see this has too many notes.

People are still good. For some reason the negativity is all we pay attention to, but there are still good things happening in the world. We just need to be reminded of that once in a while.

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31 Places Bookworms Would Rather Be Right Now

I would like to go to there.

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*sigh* My crush just typed in a group chat that he’s ‘single but not available’ :( What does that mean? Does it mean he has someone in mind? Whatever the case, I doubt it’ll be me… ._.  Just when I thought I could have a chance with him, cos I really like talking to him, he could be having someone else in mind. And I can guess about 2 girls who he seems to ‘flirt’ with ._. But it’s true - who would want a dull rock when they can easily get the shiny diamond instead.

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leave kudos to fanfiction writers. bookmark their fics. give them reviews. let them know you enjoyed reading their fic. its really important do it

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